You Are Already Dead!

Piece of flash literature (very short). Aimed at the young reader. A puzzle horror story. Be careful what you read!

You’re never going to believe this, but sometimes just the simple act of reading can spell your untimely end. Of course, it’s a pity if you might have wanted to live to a ripe old age, perhaps play musical wheelchairs with your fellow wrinklies or get a 100-not-out congratulatory letter from the Queen, because you almost certainly never will! Unfortunate, don’t you think?

   Ah, it’s such a refreshing sight to see you’re still reading. Really, I mean it. Evil sentences really can be death sentences, as you will no doubt find out if you’re curious enough— or stupid enough— to carry on reading.

   Are you still there? Let’s be honest, you can’t help yourself. Reading can kill, as I’ve already warned you, but you won’t stop because you want to know how. Elementary, dear reader, especially if I happen to know the rhythm and order of words that cast such a deadly spell. And being a disciple of Satan, I do. Dealing in tricks like teasing you into reading these words to the bitter end, is just one of the many skills Satan and us disciples use to let you choose to give up your wretched soul. Yes, it’s your decision in the end because you can always stop reading… but I know you won’t.

   Deadly satanic verses are often disguised in the most innocent of places, and this piece of writing is no exception. Each paragraph, you see, is a satanic verse that contains a single deadly word. Are you going to check the capital letters that start each sentence in each verse and thereby find word by chilling word your entire satanic death sentence? Did I not tell you right at the start that ‘just the simple act of reading can spell your untimely end’!

© neotom 2023
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Just thought I would bob in and see what you write about 😉
Thankfully the ‘Goth’ got here first so it became easy for me to suzz out 😉 Tell me what age do ‘wrinklies’ enter the equation? I am just wondering If I am one 😉


Five minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. You could say you’ve killed me to that extent.

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