The Light Falls Dim.

A fallen star, literally.

You drift away, diamond

dust lost on a summer’s

breath. Yet you rose,

an arc of gold, to span

a road travelled alone.

I search for you where

four winds dance,

casting my plea at their

feet, but dim the light

that rests with you,

and far from me

it falls.

© sweetwater 2023
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Love the imagery in this Sue wishing on a star, not sure about four winds it feels out of place maybe warm breeze dances? either way, still very much enjoyed. Best Keith


The line breaks go quite a way in deepening the mood and meaning. Diamond dust is a remarkable notion. It seems precious and yet so impossibly elusive. Well done.


Hi Sue. The background to this poem is I know a much travelled road. And yet you feel inspired by those long miles behind you and the inevitable emptiness of the road ahead.
The imagery is clear and I so wish that that the ‘arc of gold’ would appear once more for you.

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