Spring Platitudes


Sonnet for two voices 

“Never thought he’d do this on a spring day,
not when the house is paid for and us kids
are off his hands; filling time’s easy – hey,
he could have got started on all those weeds!
Today’s most definitely one for getting
out there, for getting stuck in; no sense is
there, just staring through the window, letting
time go by, rather than fix those fences.”

“It’s the book-mark feeling that’s put him out:
flat as a pressed flower in a tiresome book –
like when you open the garden door that
lets in the smell of blossom and sets you back
another year – he’s just marking the last
chapter at the point where people get lost.”


© Nemo 2023
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Some great line here Nemo lots to engage the senses, love that book mark feeling. Best Keith


“…letting time go by…” the poem hinges on this line; the crowded moment of existing. – allets

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