Ordinary love poem


Our love seems only to increase with the years
as if, instead of growing older, we grew younger,
as if old souls never could grow older
but only younger in mentality, vitality and quality,
as if maturity was something ever to increase
with age in juvenility, ability and vivacity,
like an old mentality growing ever younger
in strength and power with acquired wisdom,
the bitterness of experience carrying only sweetest fruits.
And thus our love in spite of all full stops,
the divorces, differences and disasters
only is revitalized each time we meet again
in a miraculous metamorphosis of a Phoenix
never learning from mistakes but ever starting right again,
as if time, age, experience and generations
mattered less or not at all
than only a brief moment of our union,
in one second outdoing all eternity.


© aurelio 2023
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