One Fine Day

When the ship comes in…

Determined to make an early start
I sit down to breakfast at 8 a.m.
The radio, pre-tuned to Classic FM,
plays an aria from Madame Butterfly.
It is the one, which in English,
is called One fine day we shall see.
In it Cho-Cho-San, a Japanese girl,
imagines the return of her husband
who ‘married’ her when she was 15.
Each day she looks for a plume of smoke
and a vessel to appear on the horizon .
It has been three years since he left
and his absence has broken her heart.
When he arrives with a new bride in tow
the realisation that he’s betrayed her
is an astonishing and abominable blow.
It’s an end she could not have foreseen.
But we, seasoned opera lovers, know
that a tragic finale will surely ensue;
the disgraced geisha girl will therefore
follow tradition and commit hara-kiri.
© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2021
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Aw heck, I was enjoying that until he came back with a new bride. Dirty rotten scoundrel! Another good poem, Luigi.

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