The humanist’s dilemma


The problem about humanism, although an ideal,
is that it must needs have neutrality,
it is objective goodness that must cancel passion
to subsist, survive, exist at all and thrive,
and therefore almost all the greatest humanists
were all without relationships,
they stood alone except for neutral friends.
Is humanism then a philosophy
that must deny the freedom of relationships?
Not quite, but humanism is also practical
demanding freedom most of all,
of mind, of conscience and of thought.
With one relationship then dominating in your life,
the humanist is at the mercy of an octopus
that always tends to bind and slow you down.
I love relationships, invite them and adore them,
but, please, let me keep them neutral,
and I can only entertain and maintain them
if my back is free and I may keep my freedom
to have all the world and cosmos for my friends.


© aurelio 2023
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