Aging Blonde

Perhaps I should show this to my hairdresser!



The casket holds a flaxen curl
with azure slides to style a girl,
organza ribbons pertly tied.

Forgotten memories unfurl –
her teenage topknot clasps a whorl
of mousy tresses, chestnut-dyed.

Now sable’s cursed with silver glints,
adeptly glossed with golden tints.

© capricorn 2023
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I enjoyed this very much, the rhyme and flow is very pleasing. When I was young and had my long hair cut I kept a pony tail tied at the top, when I look at it now I can’t believe how dark it used to be. 🙂 Sue.


‘Hairy’ moments, Eira. The curls have gone full circle from flaxen, to chestnut, to sable and back to golden (tints).
How fashions change.


My hairstyle has gone from semi-Afro to Sahara desert over the years. Enjoyed your poem. Somehow reminded me of an old song… can’t quite place it.

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