Generally speaking, all sects are condemnable,
especially so the more powerful they are, –
the more influential, the more wicked and destructive
for their power, which corrupts: it is an axiom,
almost like a natural law: all power is corruption.
Islam is the most totalitarian sect
and therefore most condemnable of all,
their only interest being extirpating other sects,
especially christianity, which hardly any longer
can be regarded as nefarious, being rather innocent today,
their days of wickedness and inquistion persecution being over.
Sectarianism is like an illness in itself,
a sort of self-destructive cancer
living, thriving and expanding only by its self-destructive drive
to spread its illness of fanaticism as universally as possible.
It claims to be in charge and being in control
of the dark powers of inhuman ruthlessness,
but any train that keeps accelerating constantly
must ultimately unavoidably derail
and only leave a holocaust behind of wrecks and ruins.
You cannot ride the whirlwind as it must take charge of you.
So stay out clear of politics, as any underground activity is better
than to struggle with intrigue and power –
leave mundanity to its own permanence of self-destruction,
while your only valid influence of consequence
can be entirely spiritual.

© lailaroth 2023
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Call me a liar, a traitor, a sinner. A bigot, a bastard, a beginner. Yes sectarianism is a vile concept akin to racial bigotry. Humans in general are racist, it’s just te way we’re programmed.Politics and religion have never solved anything,

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