I can’t stop loving you


How can I love you without hurting you
and causing harm to our relationship?
We only seem to be quite safe when we are gone
at proper distance from each other,
but that constant separation is the deepest wound
each time you leave me for another,
for your life of flair and casual pleasure,
that excludes all intimate relationships
and makes a lasting friendship difficult,
debarring it from ever reaching any fathoms of profundity.
Yet another temporary separation and divorce
prolonging it and making it yet more unbearable
and unsurveyable – is that how our love is doomed?
To ever grow but never reach fulfillment?
I am at a loss, bewildered and bedazzled
and am only sure of one thing:
that I can’t stop loving you.


© aurelio 2023
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Very sad poem, written from the heart.


What say we, stay we together, living life for love and one another. Been there and worn the T Shirt. I get this poem for sure. Perhaps separation is the best love of all?


yes heartfelt indeed

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