A Lady in Waiting

Henry’s first ‘true wife’.

Queen Anne Boleyn’s lady in waiting
was a girl by the name of Jane Seymour
who caught the attention of King Hal
and soon became his next paramour.
Opinion is divided as to how Jane felt
about being the object of Henry’s lust
( although he swore that it was love ).
Courtiers believed him, but only just.
 Some said that Jane actively sought
to entice the King and her behaviour
was like that of a flirtatious woman
intent on gaining the monarch’s favour.
Some cynics scoffed, others dismissed
her motto ‘Bound to Obey and Serve’.
As she married so soon after Anne’s death
enemies asked  how she got the nerve.
Two weeks after giving birth to a boy
she was very ill and lost her young life.
Henry shares his tomb with the woman
whom he felt to be his first ‘true wife’.
© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2023
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Nice historical snippet, Luigi. He was a bit of a lad was old Henry.


That’s really quite sad, after all those wives. Luigi. Enjoyed the read,

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