It’s all mathematics

Trying to find that voice

It’s all mathematics


The rhythm of the womb

Surge of the inner-sea

The great song of the stars


Shadow structures glimpsed

on the cusp of sleep


Phantasmal travellers in

dream encounters


An image that fades

with each attempt

to render it in prose


A weight that lies

upon my days

and draws me into night


Relief comes

in strangers’ smiles

and recognition of one’s self


In truth

clinging, lichen-like

wherever human warmth can reach

with simple acts of kindness


From the rhythm of the womb

to the stillness of the tomb


Love will see us through


It’s all mathematics

© parsonthru 2023
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2 things: the fading prose image was magical – and a solid reality for a writer too often; and “lichen-like” a symbiotic relationship feeding each other – nice composition on a new math 😀


It’s all energy and energy is all sacred geometry. What a wonderful world we inhabit.
Love WILL see us through, the highest vibration. 😉
A very original slant and evidence of deep thinking.
Alison x


If it’s all mathematics or any other strictly structural science then it is a simulation. A designed world. Ultra Real Reality has no designed features.

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