At tale of the Hurdy Gurdy.

A few amusing lines, a sequel to a limerick written some time in the past.I hope Mike Verdi won’t mind.

Pommer went to Plymouth Hoe to play his Hurdy Gurdy

he played it from Monday to Friday night

hoping to attract a birdie.

He sighed in dismay 

when he heard one girl say

he’s not a patch on Mike Verdi.


He packed up his Hurdy Gurdy

went back to Exeter Town

setting himself up on Cathedral Green

a much frequented place in town

playing his Hurdy Gurdy;

but once again he heard someone say:

he’s not a patch on Mike Verdi.


Now, that is it he said to himself

I’m not going to be left on the shelf

I shall get myself a trumpet

that will surely attract some crumpet

you can stick your Hurdy Gurdy

better look out Mike Verdi.


E.W.Peters.        16-02-2017.

© pommer 2023
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I am sure that Mike will see the funny side, Peter.


Yep, Mike saw the funny side Peter HaHaHa!


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