It’s hard, so hard!


It’s hard to think without excess

It’s hard to exist without regress

It’s hard to endure without pain

It’s hard sometimes to walk without a cane

It’s hard to portray love without feelings

It’s hard to die without living

It’s even harder to live without thinking of death

It’s hard to eat when you’re not hungry

It’s hard to fuck without coming

It’s hard to fight wars without killing

It’s hard to make peace without making war

It’s hard to breathe in the air without exhaling

It’s hard to see without believing

It’s hard, it’s so hard, they never said it would be easy

They never said anything at all

It’s hard to learn without unlearning

It’s hard to believe in God without knowing Him

It’s hard to run without walking

And learning to walk is easier than talking the talk

It’s hard, it’s so hard

They never said it would be easy, they never said anything at all.

© gezz 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Hi Gezz, Hope you are settling in well here at WABD. 🙂 Seeing as you are open to crit, I would suggest finding a different title here. I get it that you are repeating the “It’s hard” theme on purpose to make that the focus of the poem’s structure. However, sometimes that goes better with a shorter poem as folk can get a bit jaded by too many . With that in mind…the title is too much and way too obvious I would say. Something to highlight what is to come next would perhaps be more appealing and not so… Read more »


who is “they”?
your work so far is that of a person that questions everything, open-minded and I dare say kind-hearted – may I ask how old you are?


I really enjoyed reading this, a great many will be in agreement with you, however for me line 9 was a stumbling block, and I realise this will probably be just me, but I cannot face obscenities in a poem and suddenly ( I was going to say coming across it, rethought that ) arriving at it spoilt the whole thing and prevented me wishing to carry on, but I was liking what I had read. Sue.

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