Trying to forget

Trying to forget but mind is independent of thought, of will

Believing, seeing, memories forever

Memories conceived in realms beyond human reach or touch

So much, so much, too much for mortal man and soul

Growing old, watching the sun go down on time

Bursting embers, red glow, blotting out human existence, being

Born of nothingness, incomplete, never real then, a dream

A river unseen, a desert clean of dreams as we know it

Lost in seas of time, if it ever was and never was, nor will be

Reality is a focus of energy on self thought, of here then but really not

© gezz 2023
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Very deep, also deeply interesting a lot of avenues to pursue here. I enjoyed reading this it has given me a great deal of food for thought. Sue.


I enjoyed this. It reminded me of the theory put forward by a retired psychoanalyst in the novel ‘Where My Heart Used to Beat’. Not that he, of course, was the first – or last to think that! Your poem put it over in a very deep way, and I take my hat off to you. Griffonner.

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