A Rebirth

Cold comfort.

It began with her saying
she was not in the mood;
I knew that my comfort
would now hinge on food.

So I gorged on meals
that were full of grease
and I was on the verge
of becoming obese.

I saw that my conduct
was counterproductive
when my physiognomy
became unattractive.

All the pretty females
gave me a wide berth
so I realised the need
for a physical rebirth.

I wished to be slender;
I dieted, I exercised,
used every tool
that was ever devised.

I ran many marathons,
frequented the gym
and lo and behold:
I was once again slim.

I told my girlfriend
I’d given up junk food.
She wasn’t impressed
and still not in the mood.

© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2023
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Did you try a poem or two? Fair word may well win her heart.


unrequited love is something I never felt or understood, change girlfriend asap – even celibacy is more exciting than an unappreciative lover.


If the girlfriend is constantly not in the mood, maybe its not his physique but his technique he needs to change? 😉 Sue.

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