Written in my very few spare moments. The last one especially for our fellow wordsmith in Berlin.


A young man from the Fens named Mike

Having bought himself a new bike

Had some fun,

Doing the ton,

When he hit the bleeding dike.


A farmer living in Wall

Only had one ball.

His son had three

Shouted in glee

We now are the”Four ball”.


A Chinese lad named Fuk U

Married a girl Fuk Mi,

Said Fuk Mi to Fuk U

What shall we do ?

Fuk U replied fuck me.


Archie shouted Scheisse,

This is not a Berliner Weisse

It is too pale

Like Adam’s Ale

From the rivers

Oder or Neisse.


E.W.Peters.          05-02-2017.

© pommer 2023
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Nothing is Neisse than a good frothing Hefeweizen, alter Junge…

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