Natural truth


Truth will always out,
and there is nothing you can do to stop it;
like a force of nature,
it is mercilessly irresistible
and absolutely neutral in its callousness,
no matter what objections humans might find justified;
no matter how dishonourable it could be
to ladies, presidents or priests,
the nature of the truth is such
that nothing can suppress it,
and if someone tries it only will boil over
the more certainly and fatally.
The only danger of the truth, in fact,
is actually to try to hold it back,
like whipping a wild bolting horse,
which only the more certainly will throw you off.

So naturally it is wiser
to pay heed to inconvenient truths
and listen to them carefully and even search for them
than to pretend that they are false or don’t exist.
However, there is one way to assuage the truth,
and that is simply just to make the best of it,
accept it, bear with it and carry on.
For instance, if you find your ship abandoned,
just sail on without the captain
until he returns,
and if he doesn’t, just sail on
as long as there is any sea to sail on
and a boat to save you from it.


© aurelio 2023
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