Each Day

They say each day brings a morning, a meaning

Days meant for living, breathing, seeing

For laughter, for crying, for grieving

Each day born of the sun, , man’s choice.

Man’s inhumanity to man, bird and fauna

The window of seeing, we see what we’re given

A fleeting moment, a vision of completion

Not yet fulfilled and seldom achieved

An opportunity to learn, to grow, to know more

Yet we know nothing, we learn of yesterdays

Tragic ways, mad ways and bad days

We learn of pain, suffering, blinded by circles of ignorance

Blinded by our own ego, fears and prejudice

Too many to mention, too few to notice.

© gezz 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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You are quite right. We are constantly looking back to see where we went wrong, and then we look ahead to how we can get it right but we never seem to be able to achieve our goals, and just make more mistakes.
I liked this poem very much. Sue.


Welcome to the site.
There are words I would change, leave out, however I agree with Sue…it’s a poem worth reading.


Nice poem, I think that the ego has been vilified by those who control us as their puppets/dummies.
I will post a poem tomorrow, repost called The Chosen Dummies. Read it if you please.

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