Do You Really Want To Work Here ?

Been a while since I filled in an application form for a job but this one is not P.C. 

Please state your age

are you young or old,

still got your own hair

or are you going bald ?

Are you one of those homosexuals

still a virgin or straight,

and would you always be on time

or always bloody late ?

Have you been in the nick

spent time in the scrubs,

are you a junkie

and been barred from pubs ?

Are you a fatso or thin

a short arse or really tall,

and do you support Liverpool

as that’s the gaffers team at football ?

Are you driven and ambitious

like to graft day and night ?

well don’t expect to be rewarded

as the wages here are shite.

Well good luck with your application

interviews should start in a week or two,

but if you’ve got any sense

I wouldn’t bother if I was you !


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