Being beyond

I was trying to look for some space

From deep inside to a far-off land  

Where I could be just me,

I closed my eyes, went to the moon

I wept,

My eyes, wet

You were also in there

Golden and fresh…

This fatal season

Where I am fumbling for some time

Maybe a little land, or a word, just a word

This yellow heat that I am sensing now

You have become golden in the silver zone.

If I could write you down,

For those tears that came

Coerced me to slip,

Open my eyes

In the moon of my mind,

There is no room

As naked as this earth,

Which part of this world is this?

Which season does my heart unfold?

Color blind I have since childhood known

Am I blinded by space too?

I hold a droplet in my nail

Behold it again and again

The physical and the non-physical

Outpours in a drop, just a drop

That absorbs an ocean

Beyond time, being in time

Beyond space, being in space

The face shines.

The being smiles.

© supratik 2023
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