An Alien Invader (Poetry Challenge)

Topic: Invasions or invaders.

If I talk of invasions

and of alien invaders

you may think

I am referring

to the Romans,

the Viking raiders,

the Norman conquest

or the Spanish Armada

which failed the test;

but you’d be wrong.


The interloper I know

is a venomous menace

that is causing misery

in the Atlantic Ocean

where he doesn’t belong.

The lionfish is native

to the Indo- Pacific

so how he migrated

to this new habitat

is a bit of a mystery.


He is a carnivore

and devours other fish.

Once established,

it is nigh impossible

to get rid of him.

Scientists are searching

for a way to combat

the threat of this pest

but chances of success

are very slim.


© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2022
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Great use of internal and end rhymes Luigi and a lesson for me in more ways than one, well done.


He sounds like a foul creature. I wonder what keeps his numbers under control in his home waters. Maybe a bigger/meaner predator? Biological control is always the best. Your poem has intrigued me, Luigi. I must have a bit of a google.


I like your twist on this theme, I always think of invaders as visitors from other planets, I wouldn’t have thought of a fish: but what an awful fish it is. Good thinking and a great write. Sue.


There’s a disquieting threat lurking beneath the surface.
Cheers, Gerald

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