Treat you well

Yes, I was once pushed into it,

But now I enjoy every bit

Of the sale,

Talking to the one who brings them

To me, and ah, talking to those lames

Who spread those sticky cells,

On and off the bead,

A mark of their indifferent trade.

But my dear,

You haven’t come into the affair

Still you have fear,

Want them to treat you well

Why’d you wait for it and wail,

Treat you well? What do you mean hey!

Underestimating self by giving them sway!

No, celebrate you victory

When you’re violated,

In the long trajectory

Of silence, you have overrated

The tools

Of those desperate fools.


Note: I have made some very foolish suggestions to a rape victim in this poem. I know it’s easier said than done, but then what is the way to stop this act. I shudder to hear sexist comments and value judgements that float around against rape victims. It pains me when I hear girls and ladies say that they want men to treat them well, who will treat whom well and why would women want men to treat them well…do men ever say that they want women to treat them well… I think the mindset of human beings needs to change and this would take long. Long before we understand that even if a woman is walking with an outfit that’ not approved, no one has the right to rape. Rape does not consider age these days… a six-month old and a seventy-year old are also violated what have you… what were they wearing at the time I wonder.

© supratik 2023
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