Poetry Man


I said I was

a poetry man

with words and songs

and dreams to tell.

I said I’d got

the rhythm and rhyme.

She said, “Wow!

Come and ding my bell.”


I said her eyes

were like sapphires

and her lips like

molten honey.

I said her smile

was a neon light.

She said, “Coo…

I’ve gone all funny.”


I said she was

a shiny moon,

that we should love

amongst the heather.

I said we’d dance

a naked fling.

She said, “Huh?

In British weather?”


I said my heart

was aquiver

and my loins all

knotted with strings.

I said we’d scale

the mounts of love.

She said, “Hmm.

You say some weird things.”


I said we’d live

on the furthest isle

without car or

phone or telly.

I said I’d sing

my poems to her.

She said, “Eek!

Not on your nelly!”


© Shackleton 2023
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hehehe Looks like she was not the girl for you! 😉
Alison x


She sounds just like my first wife! Fun write mate. Much enjoyed.


“That man that hath a tongue, I say is no man,
If with his tongue he cannot win a woman.”

Shakespeare (The Two Gentlemen of Verona)

A delightful rhythm and rhyme that should soften any woman’s heart. 😉


Good fun, made me smile 🙂 Sue.

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