Works hard at his job, a bricks and
mortar man, modernised throughout.

Decent car, like new, looked out by
a mate in sales, extras and no questions.

Home for lunch these days, make sure
the wife’s not getting too lonely, lads.

Mrs Catalogue modelling replacement door,
shares and tan, latest order in her arms.

Wave its hand to Daddy. Back to work
soon, see about babyminder, and the op.

Mother come to do her share, couldn’t
manage without, still getting started.

Days off in lieu, blind eye, or sick,
golf, municipal till he gets better.

Car round to the front, shampoodled
and gel-set for the rite of the clubs.

A toot for the wife and kiddie,
nought to sixty, stereo-assisted.

Weekends, cool hand with the trolley,
up the ladder, and showing round.

Salt of the earth, doing it himself.
British Standard Kite-Mark. Biodegradable.


© Nemo 2023
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Mr. Suburban Everyman in person. Enjoyed the read!


Very clever I really liked this, but thank goodness I do not live in his world.
Sue x


Thats easy, I brought up two children mainly on my own, so no husband no golf and no car as I can’t drive. Retired now so I please myself and inhabit my own small, yet perfectly formed world 🙂 Sue.

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