War-torn paradise of inexpressible beauty
with the friendliest people in the world,
embracing any stranger with their love
and overwhelmingly presenting to them
this fairy tale of beauty and reality,
of magic lakes of endless peace
and mountains towering around them
to enshrine the loveliest realm of India,
torn asunder by politics, civil war
and meaningless atrocities since 60 years
with countless innocents as victims,
like in any war resulting from politics,
that established ignorance called power
only causing miserable havoc
by the irresponsibility of humankind.
But beauty, paradise and peace survives,
is always born anew and never tires
and shines through the most romantic landscape
of the blessed mountains of Kashmir,
the land of overwhelming beauty,
which eventually will conquer and prevail,
since there was never any human heart
that was not moved by truth when it was beautiful.


© aurelio 2023
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