A Song for Mike

For a friend who has a lot of battling to do…

Standing on the shore
of a spent, beaching year.
Surf cries ‘Soon, oh soon’
and booms on the headland.
Out beyond my limits
old promises break upon rocks
and 2017 blooms along
the vaguest of horizons.

It’s sombre but shouldn’t be.
Life’s tidal pulse is vital.
It couldn’t be mistaken
for aught but clean renewal.
And always, behind the spindrift
is the Sun, the life-giver
A sliver, yes but growing.
So I stand knowing that
the promise is forever.

© franciman 2023
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Battling means you’re not beaten. Nicely illustrated.


You know what I think of this, I wish others were commenting on the site…Christmas I guess.

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