Another love definition


Love is dying without dying,
an eternal pain of pure delight,
a torment utterly enjoyable forever
and a mortal fall into an endlessness
of darkness into the abysmal death of life
reborn to start again from the beginning
this delightful craze of sado-masochism
which hurts the more for its endurance
and the deeper, harder and more painful
for its spirituality, sincerity and honesty.
The greatest lover was Othello for his jealousy,
no Romeo, no Tristan knew love better than the Moor
who knew it was worth dying for
and was consistent in so doing.
So do never cry, complain or treat love negatively,
but endure it and enjoy it for its sufferings,
for it is certainly the greatest privilege in life
that man was offered for his bold decision
to at all take up this haphazard existence
to endure and suffer for it with his love.


© aurelio 2023
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