Scott’s line to London ( Poetry challenge )

Intro: Savvi

My breakfast show yawn

is splashed by condensed cars 

running wet in the morning gloom

I think about the Dream catcher 

and whisper SSDD in the orange glow

of the street lights.


The platform is empty

and I stand in the rain 

my feet lined up with the white line

keeping a safe distance.


I can see the lights of the Intercity

from Edinburgh, she never stops 

a mad Celt weilding an axe 

charging at the south.


I step out into her screaming mouth

through the windscreen 

over the driver

bouncing off chrome poles

slapping down newspapers.


Thats when I yawn 

radio 2 in my ears

sidestep the puddle

plod up the station steps

think about the Dreamcatcher

and set my feet up

along the white line.


I hope they feel me this time.

© savvi 2023
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