The Ghost of Christmas



If you want to be cheered up…avoid like the plague.


What weird malady afflicts me,
thwarts my words from finding voice
or trickle down to paper?
The world I knew
is sepia-tinged.
My thoughts / in stark relief
to jingle bells and merriment.
In the world, yet not of it.
Maybe the wiser choice
 to enter silence.
Perhaps my loss of joy
 is terminal.

© stormwolf 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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We’re two peas in a pod for sure, luv. Cheers me up knowing I’m not alone in my ‘malady’, though I wouldn’t wish it upon you. A few ‘housekeeping’ points for your consideration: one too many ‘p’s in ‘Stops’, and perhaps add a question mark at end of the next line – ‘or trickle down to paper?’ – instead of a period to continue the questioning of the first line? Love the line ‘In the world yet not of it.’ Very evocative and encapsulates the mournful tone of loss ‘in stark relief/to jingle bells and merriment’. May I suggest inserting… Read more »


I find the thoughts, and ultimately the decisions, that go into the making of a poem, add to its enjoyment, and I thank you, luv, for sharing yours with us. If you feel another poem coming on, good on you! I look forward to reading more of your fine work.

Wolf bro x


Yes, I wanted to be cheered up and although I didn’t get my wish I could not ignore this well-crafted poem despite the author’s feelings of dejection. But it is said that for every action there is a reaction and trying to counteract the gloomy thoughts with some optimism may transform that sepia-tinged world into a rosy one.
Best wishes, Luigi.


Hi Alison this is heavy to say the least but it’s well structured and well crafted as always. I can completely relate to the sentiment and in fact I’m getting on a plane this year to avoid the whole shebang. You have some great word choices that cement the sentiment down in the doldrums. Nicely done, Keith


Well I felt joy in your words, Stormwolf. Your bus hasn’t reached the terminus yet.

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