Holding hands

Im not sure I will ever find the right words to do this moment justice.

I put a moment out of reach,
too young to explain the details
embroidered on its
white cotton sleeve.
Those damn camcorder tapes,
noisily focusing on
early modern medicine.

I trusted it to the mother
she carried it behind closed eyes,
curved reflections pushing
shapes from inside balloons.
and the light that enters opened eyes
scatters into saucers,
settling like fish returning
to the deepest parts of the pool.

We lay there quietly with the battle tent
raging above us.
I gripped translucent fingernails
so small, so imperfectly real.
Inhaled your sweet and perfect pale
that deepened scent of skin revealed.
My breath spread incantations
that promised you our touch.
The kiss I forged on your forehead
would only let in dreams, tell stories
of the worlds we’d weave and all
the songs they’ll come to sing.


© savvi 2023
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Oh you do it justice, Keith, believe me… Great poetry doesn’t report a moment, it relives it. Exactly as it does here, mate.. Bravo.


This captures beautifully for me that precious moment when I held my two children for the first time. The hospital was old-fashioned and didn’t allow fathers to be present at the birth so we had the second one at home.. Congrats on the nom, Keith.
Well done,


It is a feeling that fathers never forget whether they are present at the birth or not. I wasn’t when my first was born but allowed in when the second came into this world. On this occasion the midwife warned me that if I fainted they would leave me lying on the floor as they would be too busy with the mother. I stayed upright, I am glad to say. Your poem brought back the happy memory of feeling their tiny fingers gripping mine.
Thanks for that, Keith.


Perfectly descript and poignant at the risk of sounding redundant but not entirely. The birth of your own flesh mingled with that of your love can do nothing but bring about new hopes, fears and resolve.
Well done!

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