First published 9 years ago, only slightly updated.
And can we stand by and just look on?
6246 monasteries and temples
robbed and ruined and destroyed,
a fifth of the whole population murdered,
hundred thirty thousand forced into exile
and about 3000 fleeing every year
across the mountains over passes of 6000 meters,
a civilization and a culture deliberately devastated
by an occupying atheist autocracy
continuing enforcing violent oppression to this day,
now 65 years of colonization by brute force,
destruction, brainwash propaganda
and enforced materialism and atheism.
The Chinese Communist regime is kowtowed to
by all the business world for its economy
while therefore politicians also crawl
to that most dreadful rotten empire of lies,
an outward face all smiles,
an inward face all cruelty, deceit and power greed.
It started off Pol Pot, manipulating him
to run the holocaust regime of poor Cambodia,
it gave to Pakistan its nuclear potency
and served both sides of Nepal’s civil war with weapons,
maintained and supported Burma’s military inhumanity
of drug monopolies of heroin and total tyranny,
and what else? The ruins of Tibet
if anything cry out forever
against cruelty and atheism as the ideology
of the most corrupt communist regime in history – of China.


© aurelio 2023
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