Who cares about all those

who are in a position of responsibility

but never care but just keep driving over

ruthlessly all those who really care?

If you are bypassed, driven over, ditched

and treated as if you were nothing

with injustice and intolerable ruthlessness,

just let the drenching water of their sabotage

run off your back and dry, and bypass in your turn.

Your day will come as certain as their night

and their momentum of dead reckoning

when their pathetic human failures will catch upp with them,

while you will still be sovereign as a survivor.

You are free if you are innocent,

but any perpetrator of iniquity and unhumanity,

of gross neglect and loads of crimes and guilt

will be caught up with by their own dishonour

and get crushed by their own karma,

while you will be laughing at them properly with scorn

and bypass, leaving them and all their vanity behind;

while you with your satanic fellowship

will be the victor by your own desert.


© lailaroth 2023
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As a vehicle for venting your anger and frustration it surely works. As verse to engage a reader, I’m not at all sure. It’s a bit like fondling barbed wire, to be honest. The poetry jars and snags to no real purpose imho. Sorry if I appear negative. I read your other submission to maybe get a handle on your voice. That you can write I have no doubt. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me and I am keen to tell you so you will not think I am simply too lazy to read your work. I’ll keep reading. You… Read more »


this is another very interesting deep poem by you, if I got it right, this satanic fellowship is being an unforgiving soul?

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