The pledge


Don’t let my pride beguile you
into believing that I will ever fail you.
My pride is supreme, and I will never bow to anyone,
but equally supreme is my love
that never will abandon you
or any word that ever has been given
by me to you, our brotherhood
or our supreme and constant everlasting master
of the power that will last forever
emanating, flourishing and ever increasing
from the depths of hell and from our dark lord.
I am his and never will be anyone else’s,
but my love is yours and given to our brotherhood
to be as everlasting as the power fountain 
of our lord of darkness.

© lailaroth 2023
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Bluddy hell!
Sounds like a Freemason 😉
I like poems with a dark edge and the pic was perfect. The voice in the poem strong and resolute.
Alison x

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