On Winter’s Nights (poetry challenge)

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On winter nights we sit by a roaring log fire

toasting crumpets with a long-handled fork;

   (it is a skill that’s not easy to acquire)

while we relax after a week of hard work.


We feel bright and cosy in our warm room

and although the weather is said to be dire

we abandon thoughts of gloom and doom.

It is peace and tranquillity that we require.


There’ll be games later, like blind man’s bluff

or consequences; Monopoly; or Cluedo;

but we won’t allow players to become rough:

we know that some are black-belts in judo.


Grandpa, on the sofa, is drinking dry sherry;

he is feeling sleepy and perhaps he’ll retire.

The kids are thrilled, frolicsome and merry

but it is snow and snow fights they desire.


They look at the sky to see if the weather

 is going to be kind and will change its mind.

Lo and behold: a snowflake, light as a feather,

is followed by another of a similar kind.


They are mightily relieved and full of elation

 and will not consider that they’re unkind

being able to play, as they’re on vacation,

 while the grownups go back to the grind.


© Luigi Pagano  2016


© ionicus 2023
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Ah snowy days away from school, I remember those and toasted crumpets ( lol I always burnt mine) Cluedo and judo I love it. Warm family occasions and open fires with a flurry of snow in the finally, what more can we ask for in a winter poem. Best Keith


A simple scene beautifully captured. You bring that childlike excitement to life, too. I was reaching for my wellies, Luigi.


Just reading this makes me feel as happy and warm as I did in childhood, at home with mum and dad, sitting crossed legged on the rug hot buttered toast a fire red with heat, and my dog sleeping beneath my hand. Bliss. Thank you for bringing it all back with this gorgeous winter poem Luigi, Sue.

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Must admit I didn’t even know what a crumpet is, let alone recall ever toasting one over an open fire! Though I’d heard of them growing up, thought only the gentry ate such-whatevers, while our family sometimes had nothing but a baked potato for tea! Or hot milk over a slice of bread and sugar. So looked it up and found that it’s most like the equivalent of an English muffin over here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crumpet. Which I have eaten, toasted, on many a winter’s night in the US. 🙂 A delightful, accomplished telling Luigi. Brings to mind Currier & Ives Christmas… Read more »

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