You are used to it by always ducking,
taking cover, find protection, sneak away
and find another place for starting off again.
There always are safe havens, and if one is shattered,
ruined, devastated, made inhabitable and destroyed,
there’s always exile for you offering you boundless freedom
to renew your strength and reassume your normal operation.
That’s the advantage of suppression, crucifixion, martyrdom
and being forced to life in hiding as an underdog:
in secret you will always find new friends
and colleagues in a similar position
doomed to underground activity but the more active.
Under cover and anonymous you actually have greater freedom
and more power and resources at your service,
since without a face and name no one can touch you,
no surveillance or control can reach you,
and there is a sea of infinite and uncontrollable resources
which you as an unknown clandestine
will find yourself in charge of and at your disposal.


© lailaroth 2023
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