The Himalayas


On visiting the Nanda Devi…

Divinity incarnate, isn’t it?
This sumptuous splendour of pure beauty
in the highest whiteness reaching for the sky
forbidding man to enter at the peril of his life,
excluding foulness, baseness, weakness,
ugliness, mortality, mundanity
to just shine on forever
untouched by the cataclysms and earthquakes
of humanity and their chaotic history,
remaining silently in constant splendour
and surviving even aeons of geology
for us to quake before and quietly admire
as the highest purest possible manifestation
of all beauty, freedom and release
which man can only find in nature,
which alone can save the continuity of man
if just he realizes that he can’t rule nature
but can only live when ruled by nature.

© aurelio 2023
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