Your presence


It does not matter who you are
as long as you are honest, truthful and sincere.
Your person and identity is of no consequence,
while it is what you do and leave behind that matters.
If your output is creative and just unilaterally positive,
you can be proud not of yourself but of your life.
You made an effort and put something through,
and even if it led to nothing it was worth the effort,
as the energy you wasted in your loving and creative thoughts
will never cease creating water rings and multiply.
Your love was here to stay and cannot vanish,
like something cannot be turned into nothing;
and if your flowers brutally are trampled down and wither,
they will always rise again with the return of spring,
as nature, like all life, is just a constant resurrection.
Once you have given over life and soul
to the awareness of eternity, there’s nothing more to do.
You are there to stay,
and there is nothing anyone can do about it.



© lailaroth 2023
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