(written 9/11)

Apocalyptic day of horror

as a dog was voted into office

who denies the climate change

and wants to recommence

the global world environment destruction

and by any means add to the tensions

risking new world wars and the apocalypse.


I am no murderer and cannot use a gun,

but in my quiet thoughts my common sense

repeatedly suggests, that someone should,

before it is too late, gun down that man.


Or am I wrong? Can there be any hope

for such a lying despicable monster

of the very worst kind of a politician?


Someone said, that all you can do

in this situation is to pray and meditate,

and maybe by some dark force

that might be the only thing

that actually surprisingly could help.


As the old Chinese proverb teaches us:

If you wait long enough with patience at the river shore,

you’ll one day see your enemy’s corpse come floating by.”


© lailaroth 2023
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You have quite forcefully expressed your opinion. I don’t know if you are American and therefore think that the only recourse is to turn to the gun but I believe that it is best to follow Sun Tzu’s advice and wait patiently by the river.

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