There are worse rapes than the physical ordeal.

You can survive it, it is after all just physical,

you can recover, dress your wounds,

regain your health and curse the perpetrator

with the damnation of an everlasting fatal karma;

but when you are stabbed anonymously in the back,

when you are sacked without an explananation or a reason,

when you are the victim of an inquisitional intrigue,

it will remain with you throughout your life

as an injustice and an unsolved problem.

You don’t even know whom you should curse,

and it might even have been all an accident.

This is a trauma difficult if not impossible and heavy

to survive, digest and get detached from.

Crimes by mortals will catch up with their mortality,

but deadly wounds afflicting your own soul,

not even Satan will be able evermore to heal.


© lailaroth 2022
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