Last Day

Having lost both parents,a baby son,relations,and friends,I’ve reached that stage of my life where death no longer scares me,and accept that it’s part of life. My son though thinks I’m immortal and won’t talk about it at all. Hope he enjoys this !

Main text of your writing.

If you only had one day to live

what would you do or say,

are you scared and in tears

and on your knees to pray ?

Would you think why me

I’m just not ready to die,

are you worried of where you’re going

down below or heavenly high ?

Would you do something outrageous

go on a mad spending spree,

or just face up to reality

and think finally I’m going to be free ?

Yet it’s going to happen to us all

whether we’re ready for it or not,

but please Lord can I go to paradise

and not to the place that’s really hot !




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Hi, Kevin. This is a thought that sooner or later will cross one’s mind especially that of a person of advanced age. As for the final destination, it depends on whether one believes that there is life after death.
Cheers (or should I say ‘cheer up’?)
P.S. You need to erase the first line which says ‘Main text of your writing.’


I vote do something outrageous and have a spending spree.:-) Then return to you family and quietly slip away.

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