Blind Date

Hobson’s choice.


He’d told her that he didn’t care for religion,
and that he had recently joined the legion
so she imagined a daredevil, a Beau-Geste,
but when she met him, he didn’t pass the test.
He was a four-eyes pen-pusher bean-counter
who was looking for a romantic encounter;
someone attractive on whom he could drool
and not a battle-axe with inflexible house rules.
He was a couch-potato and not a bookworm
but he was just lazy and not physically infirm.
It has often been stated that opposites attract
yet awkward situations need lots of tact.
He tried to impress her and show he was handy,
hoping that eventually she’d be his arm-candy.
She, on the other hand, didn’t care to be used
and wanted somebody to keep her amused,
to lead a life that gave her pleasure and joy
so she bade farewell to the would-be playboy.

© Luigi Pagano  2016


© ionicus 2023
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I enjoyed this very much, does anyone really tell the whole truth on these sites I wonder, If I ever felt the need to do unpaid housekeeping work for another person I would choose a singles club, at least you can ‘try before you buy’ so to speak, nothing like viewing the goods before you take them home 🙂 Sue.

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