Fallen Dreams.

There’s no personal meaning in this, it just came to me as I was out with my dog just mooching about in the park behind my house.

Leaves drift down,

mere moments in time

quickly lost,

falling beyond the hand.

Catching our dreams

as they pass,

to lie broken beneath

our feet.

© sweetwater 2020
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Time takes its toll on all our youthful dreams, Sue. With aging the chance of realisation diminishes. We might as well walk on and leave them spread all around us like the leaves. I was just wondering with “falling out of reach”,or “falling beyond reach”, which would resonate better with “beneath” and suit the elusive nature of dreams better too? Just a thought, probably the same thing. Neat and concisely philosophical.

broken or crumpling perhaps lie or lay?

Catching our dreams

as they pass,

broken beneath our feet

they lay.

(i liked it very much – had to share my ideas hope you don’t mind – comment edited. )

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