The most ancient of all surviving civilizations
and still the most imposing and impressing
for her still astonishin mysterious pyramids
with the enigma of the Sphinx, perhaps a silent witness
from before the Flood of past civilizations
gone to dust and vanished long ago,
perished maybe through disasters
which have left no record traceable in history,
– but Egypt rose from nothing
to become a mother of all civilizations,
of Israel, Greece and Rome and all our western world,
to boast an unsurpassed magnificence forever.
You kept that civilization flourishing
through innumerable dynasties and four millennia
to be finally sealed up by Rome
on the demission of her last Queen Cleopatra,
to remain closed up forever with her secrets
of an unknown past of timeless aeons
that the Sphinx keeps musing over to himself,
deriding silently all human vanity and history forever.

© aurelio 2023
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