Comfort in the fall


What are you more than a fool

if you see through the whole world

but cannot see through yourself?

What are you more than pathetic

if you with all your experience

still are affected by the smallest adversity?

What are your tears but vain self pity,

no matter what injustices you have been through

and even made a constant victim of throughout your life?

What is the comfort of the vanity of being you

when you are really nothing?

Yes, there is one comfort.

You at least did nothing wrong,

you played yourself an honest fair game all your way,

you didn’t cheat on others,

and you were never an oppressor or a bully.

Let the water of the world’s iniquities

like a deluvion that is flooded on you

run off you like down a goose’s back

and shake it off and just continue going straight,

and you will be the master still of your own fate,

and that is all that matters.


© lailaroth 2022
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Very, very good write, profound words with a good end message. I was a little unsure of the 4th to last line ….’ Run off you like down a goose’s back’ to me it doesn’t read quite right..
The other lines read so well, but this one seemed to jar. Perhaps I am missing something?
Anyway I greatly enjoyed it. 🙂 Sue.

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