Paradox with compromise




Are you lost when you have found the way,

and are you at a turning point when you are lost?

The darkness leads you to the light,

while light will always end in darkness.

Death is just a threshold into higher life,

and life is just a course of vanity to death.

In all this void of nothing without meaning,

something must be there for life’s sustainment.

Is it then a god, a universal centre like a hub

of an idea sustaining all, or is it just a spirit?

The Abrahamic god is lost in credibility forever,

while the lord of darkness, usually called Satan

is a mystery uncharted in its depth of unknown knowledge.

Can we bet on him, or should we be materialists?

I suggest a compromise. Embrace and cherish any being

of divinity, but never lose your touch with realism.

© lailaroth 2023
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