Seduction in Suburbia

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We are on the dance floor at the Café de Paris.

Divorced, she tells me. Widower, I say.

It elicits sympathy – even though it’s not true – and increases the chances of getting my leg over.

We sit at a table and we have a few drinks. I give her the usual spiel, how attractive I find her and, to be honest, she ain’t bad.

I inflate the state of my finances, promise her a ruby ring when I receive my inheritance, and she is putty in my hands.

It isn’t far from the ballroom to a small hotel where Mr. and Mrs. Smith book a room for rest and recuperation.

I sit on the bed and my head feels muzzy; I must have had one too many.

“Give me a few minutes”, I say and she smiles sweetly.


I wake up few hours later and discover that she has gone and so has my wallet.

On the bedside table there is a photograph and note which says: ‘Sorry that I could not wait for your inheritance to come through. I have taken something on account. I have left the picture of your wife; give her my regards.’

© Luigi Pagano 2015


© ionicus 2023
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Excellent comeuppance tale. There but for the grace of god… and all that! 😉


Glad to note part 2 might bring about further revelations because I really got into this piece. I love the way you create an atmospheric situation so quickly and effectively in such a short tale. More please!


I think ‘The Other Side of the Coin’ is a good title, grabbing attention to see what it’s all about. My personal choice would be revert to the original title and combine the two parts – or more. But that’s just me.

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