The Other Side of the Coin

Follow up to Seduction in Suburbia  (200 words. First posted on


I hear he’s been shouting his mouth off, about being robbed by an unscrupulous woman who left him in the lurch in a dingy hotel.

Allow me to put the record straight.

Recently divorced, and seeking solace, I started frequenting a club famous for its thé dansant. A good place for meeting potential mates.

I liked the look of this hunk who invited me to dance and anticipated the satisfying shag that was bound to follow.

He kept buying booze, perhaps in the hope of drinking me under the table but it was he who became legless.

In his drunken stupor he kept on about his wealth and promised me untold riches.

We managed to reach a small hotel where we booked as Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Once inside the room I knew that I wouldn’t get what I expected.

“Give me a few minutes”, he said, but within seconds he was out for the count.

I went through his wallet to find his address. Its only contents were a photo of a female

– probably his wife – and a losing betting slip but no money.

I left him to sleep it off. Paid for the room and went.

© Luigi Pagano 2015


© ionicus 2023
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Ha, ha – his second gamble didn’t pay off either! An entertaining little number, Luigi. 🙂

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