From Our Own Correspondent

An old poem (but still relevant).


From our own correspondent
we have received this report;
there are scenes that the viewers
might find too upsetting.
If you can’t bear to see
the suffering and misery
caused by this bloody conflict,
then cover your eyes.
You’ll be spared the sight
of the dead and the dying
but the pain of those victims
who survived the carnage
won’t simply go away
because you blot out
the gruesome vision.
It won’t do to be blind
to their piteous plight.
Covering your eyes
will prolong the agony.
So let’s drop the blindfold
and witness reality.
We mustn’t be inactive
and let the wars fester.
We have to expose those
who supply money and arms
to men whose main aim
is death and destruction.
They are just as guilty
as the fanatics who fight.

© Luigi Pagano 2015


© ionicus 2023
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Powerful writing, Luigi. Sadly, there’s no easy solution to the problem.


Bearing witness brings with it a responsibility. Whose is the greater, the correspondent’s or the viewer’s? You’ve given us a lot to think about in this thought provoking piece. Glenn


And so it goes on, while those ‘can’ do nothing and those who ‘cannot’ feel the pain, heartbreaking. Very good write. Sue.

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