The Hour of the Wolf – or the Truth?



When you wake up at night
too early in the morning
from a nightmare
in cold sweat
of losses and of being used
and can but think of him,
or her, that partner who betrayed you,
who saw personal relationships
as means to use to only further one’s own interests,
then it’s time for a divorce.
When love becomes the opposite
from lack of nourishment
or the betrayal of the partner,
that’s the cry “Abandon ship!”,
and if you don’t, you will go under.
Sail away while there is time,
while there is still a life-boat
and a possible escape from the black hole
of anger constantly increasing,
violence and force and furious melodrama,
feelings of injustice and grim violation,
hopelessness, despair and nightmares without end,
that just will suck you down
in one way only down the drain
into the bottomless and final abyss
of inevitable immolation.

© aurelio 2023
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