Parkland Tryst


From the starlit lake
a suggestion of mist 
drifts towards the bench
where I sit every time.

I’m slow and often late, 
but she forgives me,
graciously as always, 
no doubt delighted that
I love the way she models
each year’s grandest dress

and the seductive way
she lets slip its leaves,
yellowed and rustling,
till she’s naked and shivers
as the mist thickens
in the hardening cold.

I would embrace her, 
warm her if I could,
but she prefers to wait:
I’ll be hers soon enough.

© Nemo 2023
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A well-inspired poem very far from a ‘humble effort’.


The clarity of the language and the absence of obscure metaphors is what appealed to me, Gerald, but then I am a simple soul.
As they say, I don’t know much about Art but I know what I like.


Oh I loved every line, every verse of this gorgeous poem. 🙂 Sue.


I like the poem for its simplicity, I personally do not prefer verbosity of any kind, A very sincere effort, as always.

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